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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Regulations

1. Adherence to the law, etc.
Hotel Keihan, Inc. (hereafter “this company”) recognizes the importance of personal information. In order to thoroughly protect that information and thereby receive customer satisfaction and trust, this company will adhere to all laws and company regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

2. Usage purposes
The purposes of personal information use
・To provide products and services to customers, and to fulfill all accompanying duties
・To share information regarding new products, services, events, and public appeals (campaigns) of this company and group companies, and to send promotional materials, printed materials, and emails (However, these communications will be promptly suspended if the customer requests their suspension)
・To improve services and develop new products based on customer opinions and requests
・To use as base data for business analyses and create statistical information

3. Provision to third parties
Except when outsourcing work to contractors, or when personal information is provided consequent upon the transfer of business due to a merger or other reasons, this company will generally not provide customers’ personal information to third parties. However, in cases pertaining to any of the following, this company may provide personal information to third parties without any prior notification to the concerned customer.

    • In cases based on the law
    • When it is necessary in order to protect the life, body, or fortune of a person, and it is difficult to obtain prior consent from the concerned party
    • When it is particularly necessary for public health improvement or the promotion of healthy child development, and it is difficult to obtain prior consent from the concerned party
    • When it is necessary in order to cooperate with a national organization, a local public body, or a party commissioned by the above in order to fulfill duties established by the law, and when obtaining prior consent from the concerned party may hinder the fulfillment of those duties
        Also, this company may provide personal information to third parties if the concerned customer is notified in advance of the following information, or if the following information is left in a state that the concerned party can easily learn of it.

1. The fact that provision to third parties is a purpose of use
2. The specific personal information that will be provided to third parties
3. The method or means of provision to third parties
4. The fact that, upon the concerned party’s request, the provision of any identifying personal information to third parties will be suspended
4. Joint use

When jointly using personal information with a specific third party, this company will notify customers of the necessary items specified below.

1. The fact that personal information will be used jointly with a specific party
2. The specific personal information that will be jointly used
3. The scope of the jointly using parties
4. The purpose of use of the users
5. The name or title of the party responsible for managing the relevant individual data

Personal information disclosure by-laws
If a customer requests the notification, disclosure, or correction of usage purpose; or the suspension of use, etc. (hereafter “disclosure, etc.”) of personal information, the customer must provide the prescribed request form and necessary identity confirmation documents along with the prescribed fee.

1. About the necessary application documents
1. Form to Request Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information
2. One of the following documents must be provided for identity confirmation
1. Driver’s license
2. Passport
3. A photo identification document issued by a government administration office
4. Health insurance card
5. National pension notebook

If the Form to Request Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information (1) is stamped with an officially registered seal, a certification of official seal registration (original) may be substituted for one of the above documents.
2. Fees for disclosure, etc.
For requests of “usage purpose notification” or “disclosure,” a fee of ¥1,000 per request is required (For requests of “revision, etc.” or “usage suspension, etc,” “disclosure” must first be requested in order to specify the relevant personal information.)
3. Cases ineligible for disclosure

In cases pertaining to any of the following, part or all of the relevant information cannot be disclosed.

1. When there is risk of harm to the life, body, or fortune of the concerned person or a third party, or risk of other damage to rights or interests
2. When there is risk of considerable hindrance to the suitable fulfillment of this company’s tasks
3. When the disclosure, etc. would violate any other law
4. Revisions, etc.
If the concerned party demands that this company revise, add, or delete (hereafter “revisions, etc.”) personal information for the reason that the personal information is not true, unless another law or regulation has established a particular procedure for the revisions, etc. of that content, this company will conduct the necessary investigations within the scope necessary to achieve the usage goals, and will make revisions, etc. to that personal information based on the results of those investigations.
5. Usage suspension, etc.
If the concerned party demands that this company suspend or delete usage of personal information (hereafter “usage suspension, etc.”) for the reason that the personal information is being used for reasons other than the usage purposes, or for the reason the information was acquired through falsehood or other unjust means, when it becomes clear that there is a reason for that demand, this company will proceed with the usage suspension, etc. of the personal information to the extent necessary to correct the violation. Provided, however, that this shall not apply if usage suspension, etc. requires a large financial expense or is otherwise difficult, and if the necessary alternative measures are taken to protect the rights and interests of the concerned party.


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